Why Real Yoga?

Yoga is an essential remedy for a stressful life. At Real Yoga, we understand this. We offer you an energetic place and our instructors are highly motivating and friendly. Whether you are looking for high-intensity yoga facilities or a restorative experience, we offer yoga classes for people of all levels. We are highly dedicated to meeting the needs of our students. We are committed to deepening your understanding as well as offer inspiring classes to ease your learning.

Our yoga classes in Singapore seek to create healthy, strong bodies and also tranquil minds. You no longer need to worry about being inflexible or unhealthy. Yoga will train the required flexibility into your body. If you are constantly seated in front of the computer or if you are involved in repetitive activities; you are shortening your muscles. Yoga exercises enables you to lengthen and expand, thus releasing unhealthy toxins.

With yoga, we will improve your posture; thus rejuvenating your body and mind while eliminating tension, stress and pain. By mastering the postures, you will be able to regulate the kidneys, alleviate constipation, eliminate fatigue, soothe your nerves and also regulate blood pressure. Psychologically, yoga postures help to alleviate depression, enhance your confidence and willpower and strengthen your character.

 Whether you are a beginner or a longtime pro, we offer yoga classes for different levels, with the aim of enhancing your quality of life.